Hanscomb Intercontinental brings together experts that work across the global onshore and offshore construction, engineering and ship building industries. Our experts span the disciplines of accounting, law, architecture, construction, surveying, ship building and engineering and many are dual qualified holding a professional qualification and legal training. We undertake both expert advisory as well expert witness work and our experts are practising experts as opposed to testifying experts; our experts continue to work in their profession bringing the latest industry knowledge and best practice expertise to apply in their expert work.

Service delivery is split into three service delivery streams

Dispute Avoidance

Dispute Resolution

Expert Witness

Each client commission will have a director allocated to supervise delivery to ensure that a quality cost effective service is delivered in line with the client’s requirements.

Dispute avoidance

Our experts have been involved in project and programme delivery for many years. If we are engaged early enough, they can play a key role advising how best to procure and manage the project. They will bring their knowledge and judgement to bear, advising our client and delivering industry best practice. Services include:

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Programming & Planning
  • Contract Drafting
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Commercial Management
  • Contract Review
  • Contract Strategy
  • Procurement
  • Contract management
  • Estimating
  • Subcontract Management
  • Tendering
  • Expert Advisory
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Dispute resolution

Due to the complicated nature of the onshore and offshore construction, engineering and shipbuilding industries unique projects can have unique issues.
Solutions our experts offer are the result of years of experience resolving and managing disputes for clients; so their interests are protected and returns on investment are maximised. Areas our experts help clients with include:

  • Claims Strategy
  • Adjudication Support
  • Claims Drafting
  • Dispute Board Support
  • Counter Claims Drafting
  • Expert Determination Support
  • Defences
  • Arbitration Support
  • Oral Advocacy
  • Litigation Support
  • Written Advocacy
  • Expert Advisory Support
  • Mediation Support
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Expert witness

It is very normal for disputes not be resolved by negotiation on high value matters and our experts are able to act as expert witness across the commonly used methods of resolution including mediation, conciliation, adjudication, dispute board, arbitration, expert determination and litigation.

Disputes requiring technical expertise often involve an elaborate technical matrix of fact and opinion. Complex investigations, interrogation and interpretation of the cause and impact of various competing causes are required. We will deliver concise reports that explain complex technical interactions in a clear and unambiguous manner.

We are happy to provide an independent view on the merits of any potential action and of any remedial works proposed or already undertaken.

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Our experts comply with a set of strict criteria

  • A minimum of 25 years’ industry experience.
  • They have cross examination experience.
  • They have been trained in the expert’s duties in both Litigation and Arbitration and hold third party expert witness accreditation.
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Our disciplines include

  • Expert witness project management
  • Quantum experts
  • Delay analysis experts
  • Contract experts
  • Legal experts
  • Forensic accounting experts
  • Building experts
  • Architectural experts
  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Mechanical engineering experts
  • Structural engineering experts
  • Electrical engineering experts
  • Chemical engineering experts
  • Geological engineering experts
  • Marine engineering experts
  • & other technical experts
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