Hamidreza Tahsiri

Director Forensic Project Engineering


Forensic Project Engineering


  • Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering
  • Master of Science in Structural Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering from University

Specialisms / Skills

  • Collapse analysis
  • Structural condition assessment
  • Post-tensioning cable failure
  • Building facade’s performance evaluation

Hamidreza Tahsiri is a Project Engineer in our Forensics practice working from the Miami office. Mr. Tahsiri gained experience in several litigation projects including collapse analysis, structural condition assessment, Post-tensioning cable failure, corrosion damage, water intrusion, and building façade’s performance evaluation. He specializes in design, analysis, and strengthening of reinforced concrete, steel, and composite structures (mid-rise, high-rise, long-span, and irregular space structures). He possesses strong leadership and relation skills with clients, managers, designers and sub-contractors, ensuring needs are met within time sensitive deadlines.


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  • Licensed Professional Engineer in State of Florida (FBPE)
  • Awarded the Graduate Assistance in Area of National Need (GAANN)
  • Awarded the Doctoral Student Tuition Fellowship (DSTF)
  • Awarded the Greater Texas Foundation Fellowship (GTF)